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Yorktown Information

Welcome to Yorktown. Please acquaint yourself with the station's code of conduct.

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Intranet & Message Board

Online message boards for Starfleet ships and stations to convey personal or public announcements.

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Yorktown Headquarters

Located in the plaza, the towering skyscraper is the base of all Starfleet operations located on the Yorktown. Training grounds for field and range exercises are available on a separate arm.

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Yorktown Central Plaza

The central nexus of the starbase is characterized by high rise commercial buildings, a reflecting pool connected to one of the space lanes (no swimming), and a large fountain. The plaza is always bustling with foot traffic.

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Gora bim Gral Court & Post Office

When ships dock with the starbase, residents flock here for their mail. The irregular distribution times (weekly to monthly based on ship arrivals) turns the post office into an informal meeting ground and social gathering place.

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Dining Courtyard

The partially covered courtyard provides free, replicated food for residents and guests. The replicators are state-of-the-art and are programmed in multiple languages and cuisines to provide more complex food than synthesizers would.

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Entertainment & Shops

Everything but grocery items (which replicators have done away with) are available to purchase at boutique, specialty, second-hand, and other stores. Restaurants do exist, but their cost mostly covers alcohol and atmosphere.

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Businesses & Offices

Commercial offices, warehouses, and other modes of business for many corporations are where many residents find themselves during the work day.

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Apartments & Houses

Permanent housing is assigned upon arrival to the starbase, though guests may stay in one of the hotels located in the plaza. Apartment complexes and houses intermingle with parks and rec areas to create a breathtaking environment.

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Community Parks

Separate from the trails located around Yorktown, community parks offer both open and sports fields, play structures, sandboxes, and other play areas. Some parts have areas for animals, allowing owners to engage in free play or training.

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Thy'lek Shran Hospital

The state-of-the-art hospital is located at the city center and provides free care to all residents and guests. Emergency cases are brought in by transporter or shuttle. It is dedicated to the Federation Constutition's Andorian signatory.

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Community Arts Buildings

Art by local artists are showcased at numerous galleries. Small classrooms are available to encourage interaction between classmates. Ticket and class costs are always reasonable, with funds used for class supplies.

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Soval Museum

This museum incorporates the brief history of Federation members across the galaxy, as well as a more in-depth history of Yorktown. All exhibits are interactive. It is dedicated to the Federation Constitution's Vulcan signatory.

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Public education is available at several schools for all grade levels, with private tuition also available for those who want it. Higher education is provided at Yorktown University at extremely low-cost to residents.

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Archer Lake

An enormous lake on an arm extends to all four sides, allowing swimmers to dive through and gravity flip to another end. Aquatic flora and fauna assist in water reclamation. It is dedicated to the Federation Constitution's Human signatory.

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Trails & Wilderness

Expansive trails offer varying degrees of terrain to simulate a natural environment. Harmless, tagged animals are allowed to roam freely in the small forests.

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Farms & Greenhouses

Crops are grown both for research and as a food reserve in case of replicator failure. Extra produce is preserved or sold as-is in small farmers' markets as a novelty for those who (wrongly) insist that replicated food tastes wrong.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation consists mainly of foot traffic, transporter pads, or the trains that run along the main arms, making frequent stops. Private cars and shuttles are not used.

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Ships dock inside the water arms that extend to the base's perimeter, while shuttles dock inside small garages. Shuttles exist only for work or emergency purposes, and are unavailable for private use.

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Other Areas

Like any city, there are hundreds of other areas and buildings within Yorktown to meet almost every function and need.

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The perimeter of the station and the area around it contains solar stations and other small research facilities, as well as a few recreational options for those interested in zero-gravity games.

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