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USS Enterprise Information

Welcome to the starship Enterprise. Please acquaint yourself with the governing guidelines and regulations of the ship.

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Intranet & Message Board

Online message boards for Starfleet ships and stations to convey personal or public announcements.

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The Bridge

The nerve-center of the starship, the Bridge is where the current command crew is able to supervise ship operations.

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Briefing Rooms & Offices

These rooms are set aside to serve as offices to the command crew and for the purpose of conducting meetings and briefs.

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Security Complex

The heart of security is here, and contains brig cells, security control, the armory, a lounge often used for additional training, and a staging room for weapons and gear.

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Recreation Complex

The entrance to the complex is dominated by a lounge and bar, and the restaurant Port 47 attached. It also hosts an observation deck, a gym, a library, a games floor, and other areas where crew members can spend their off-time.

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Dining & Kitchens

The kitchens provide food from the three dining messes about the ship. All messes have a code of conduct that must be maintained in regards to etiquette and cleanliness.

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Crew Quarters

Crew quarters take up parts of decks D, E, and F, with the higher decks being reserved for senior officers and enlisted personnel staying on the lower decks.

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Always busy, this large section has plenty of nurses and doctors about at all times to see to crew needs. Home to intensive care units, a convalescents ward, a pathology lab, and office space for those in charge.

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As a vessel on a five-year mission of exploration, the Enterprise's laboratories are state-of-the-art. The laboratory spaces include but are not limited to anthropology, chemistry, biology, astrophysics, chaos physics, physics, and tachyonics.

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Although the botanic garden is considered a recreation area where crewmembers can relax in a natural setting, it is also an area of scientific research, containing a number of different types of plant life. Part of it is devoted to both fresh and salt water plants, and in these areas, parts of the water have been set aside for crew members to swim in.

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Many of the lower decks are dedicated to the engineering division. Engineers spend much of their time maintaining the various mechanics of the ship, including the warp drive and reactor core.

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Transporter Rooms

There are transporter rooms for personnel, evacuation, and cargo. The rooms are manned by a transporter operator, and are outfitted to lifeforms and small, inanimate objects.

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Hangar Bay & Cargo Hold

The general purpose storage facility is also equipped with transporters to assist in moving large cargo containers. The hanger bay supports transport pods. There are also docking ports that allow access to other ships or space stations.

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Corridors, Lifts, & Access Ladders

The access corridors set the stage for many interactions between crew members.

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Other Areas

From environmental control to the command intelligence center, the salon to the laundry room, storage closets and ventilation shafts, there are many other small areas in the ship where one can go.

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