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Starfleet Academy Information

Welcome to Starfleet Academy. Please acquaint yourself with the school's code of conduct.

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Intranet & Message Board

Online message boards for Starfleet ships and stations to convey personal or public announcements.

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Cochrane Hall

The main hall of the Academy, where admissions, administration, and faculty offices are placed.

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Forrest Hall

The main student building, where most of the non-specialized classes are taken.

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Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:41 am

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T'Prana Library

One of the largest libraries on the West Coast, it was founded by a donation from the Vulcan Council Member T'Prana. The library is accessible to visitors, although they may not check out books from it. It contains both holo- and real books.

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Student Activity Center

The SAC encompasses the dining hall, the gym, the lounge, and other places for student recreation.

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The Dormitories

The students and instructors are housed in rooms within Leonard Hall, Gardner Hall, or Williams Hall. Leonard and Gardner Hall have common rooms on each deck with synthesizers, a holoscreen, and games.

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Academy Grounds

The grounds of Starfleet Academy are scenic and well-groomed and see quite a few tourists.

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Starfleet Medical Academy

This state-of-the-art hospital serves as a clinic in addition to providing students with education and practical training.

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Firing Range & Survival Course

An expansive, no-tourists training course set along the bay for practical survival and weapons training.

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Shuttlebay & Garages

Several buildings which house both flight-ready shuttles for training, and garages for engineering courses.

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Other Academy Areas

From the track to the flight line to Starfleet Command School, there are many other areas within the Academy grounds.

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The Presidio

The Presidio is home to Starfleet Headquarters.

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San Francisco

San Francisco is a bustling, metropolitan city.

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The capital of the United Federation of Planets.

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