Painting cranes

When you ride in your car, there is a big chance you see cranes driving on the road. These look great, and often you also see the company name on the crane. This way they can promote their business and this can also boost their image. These cranes look nice and frequently the painting on the crane looks spot on. But what if the painting doesn’t look good? Then there is a big chance people won’t hire the crane for certain jobs and that’s why you need to do something about it. It is important that the painting of the crane looks good, and you can let a company do this for you. It’s basically impossible to do this yourself, because you will need expensive equipment for this. A painting company has the required painting equipment and can make sure your crane looks fabulous with the new painting.

What does the crane painting company do?

The crane painting company can make sure big working machines are painted. Apart from painting cranes, they can also do painting excavators. When they plan to paint a crane, they make sure all the parts of the machine that shouldn’t be painted are removed. Windows, lamps, rubbers and other parts of the machine have to be removed. This way, only the necessary parts of the crane get painted. If there is paint on the window, it’s not good, and it is hard to get this removed. If there are parts that shouldn’t be painted and can’t be removed, it’s important they are taped off. Before painting, the company also makes sure the crane is completely washes, so you don’t see it back in the paint

After the preparation process, they will spray the crane or excavator. The colour is the colour you choose, and most likely these will be the company colours. Also, they will put a primer on the machine before they use the paint. By doing this, the painting will look way better than without the primer.

Preventing rust

Painting a crane is not only significant for the looks of the crane. It’s also good for preventing rust, and rust can destroy a crane.  That’s why there are conservation standards in the paint system  from C2 to C5. By having new paint, you can prevent having rust occurring under the paint, and this is of big importance. In some cases there is already rust on the machine and this will have to be removed before adding new paint.