Motorcycle Tires Suddenly Broke? Know the cause!

Though already using the best motor oil, but sometimes motor problems still arise. That is why the reason you not only need to take care of the motor engine, but also must take care of the motor as a whole, including motorcycle tires. Motorbike tires with problems can pose a high risk to driving safety. So, don’t ever be cheated on. Moreover, if you have experienced a motorcycle tire suddenly broke while driving on the highway. Don’t wait until problems arise again, know things that can cause a motorcycle tire to burst suddenly!

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The tire used is not good quality

Still remember how much the price of motorcycle tires that you use today? If the price is far below the standard price, you must be suspicious. Don’t you have to be happy because you get a cheaper price? Not necessarily cheap price, good quality. Be wary of failed products. Usually tires like this have holes or holes in certain parts. So, don’t be tempted by cheap prices. Because defective tires like this are more susceptible to explosion.

Often through potholes

Even though the tire that you are using is right and of high quality, still avoid going through the potholes as much as possible. Because, too often through the hollow road can cause the wire inside the tire is damaged, especially if at high speed. Eventually the tires will be damaged quickly and potentially break.

Charging wind is not up to standard

Each motor has a different wind charging standard. For that, make sure to fill the wind in accordance with the rules that have been determined. If the wind pressure is too high, a motorcycle tire may be prone to bumps. If you have this, the risk of a tire suddenly breaking even higher.

The tire has expired

Just like food, motorcycle tires also have a certain period. Although it still seems good, if it has passed the expiration date, you should immediately change the tire. Because expired tires are vulnerable to breaking because the rubber walls and wire wheels are dry. Although it has not expired, if the tire is thin, you also have to quickly replace it because the tire is very risky breaking.