How To Start Your Own Auto Dealership (Used Car)

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I recently purchased my car from EchoPark in Thornton and had a few small issues that needed to be addressed. They were not only friendly, but helpful, accommodating, and they made sure I was happy and understood what was going on. They also fixed everything free of charge considering the length of time I had the car. Overall, I would definitely recommend the service department and they ensured I will buy from EchoPark again in a heartbeat (although the sales department did already have that pretty much already have that locked down by finding me a great deal and accommodating all my needs financially to purchase it).

Buying a car is always a bit intimidating, even though I have a father in the auto business. EchoPark was our first stop on our day of hunting, and I’m glad it was. Shaun greeted us when we walked in, listened attentively to our needs, and proceeded to show us several vehicles that fit our criteria. We never felt pressured, never felt rushed, and really enjoyed our time trying out several vehicles. My husband and I purchased two vehicles in the same day and the process was simple, easy, and quick. We were constantly offered refreshments, which was great for my pregnant body in the CO sunshine. The selection was great, the people were all friendly, and the location was convenient. I highly recommend checking out EchoPark if you’re looking for a car (or just a place with bottled water, free wifi, and air conditioning).

You can negotiate the trade-in value amount if you feel it is too far below the KBB trade-in value. You can also negotiate the total cost of the car, new or used. When negotiating a used car be sure to use the information you found regarding the Suggested Retail Value, check and see if the dealer is pricing the car higher than that amount. All this information you gathered will give you an accurate way to lower the cost within reasonable limits. You don’t want to go in there saying you want to pay $6000 for a $25,000 brand new car because you will not be taken seriously. By going in and saying you want to pay $18,000 gives you a decent chance on┬ánegotiating down the price.

Best experience buying a car I can imagine. Bill Thaxton was polite, funny and patient. I originally wanted to trade in my lease but found I have negative equity on it. Instead of trying to get more money out of me, they suggested I save myself a couple thousand and just return the car and then buy the new car. Ended up buying a 3 year old Jeep on great condition. Car shopping is worst than going to the dentist for me but EchoPark was actually somewhat enjoyable! I only dealt with Bill the entire time (who was awesome!) and most everything was done via iPad. If you want a great deal without having the haggle over price or pushy salesman, this is the place to go!