How to Get the Right Insurance Quotes for Your Car

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How much you pay for car insurance depends on a lot of factors. When your vehicle is brand new and you are an excellent driver, you will be paying less costly premiums than others. Drivers who are considered “high risk,” on the other hand, need SR-22 insurance in Chicago, IL because of their unique circumstances. They need to pay a higher premium because of a history of traffic violations, which could include a DUI case.

For non-risky drivers, there are better options and wider insurance coverage available. The best way to shop for insurance is to get several quotes from different providers. Here are a few tips to help you get the best quotes in the market.

Ask, Ask, Ask

With stiff competition among insurance companies, there will be a big difference between the premium rates they offer. Do not limit yourself to checking out only three or four insurers. There may be as many as 10 car insurance firms servicing your area. Ask for quotes from all of them. Sift through the quotes and search for the one proposal that you feel suits you best.

Your Mileage Counts

Seldom is mileage taken into account for car insurance. But there is a direct correlation between driving a shorter total distance for the year compared to someone who drives for a living. Having a shorter total annual driven distance means that the person spends less time at the wheel; thus, has fewer chances of getting into an accident.

Most insurers, however, charge the same premium for long haul drivers as they do for those who drive occasionally. If you feel that you do not drive enough distances and should have a discount, then you should talk to your insurer. Your mileage is not a matter of record, and insurance companies have no way to find this out on their own. Inform your insurer how little you drive, and they might be able to give you a discount.

A High Credit Score Helps

A high credit score does not necessarily translate to a better driver. However, it implies that you are less of a credit risk, and would not be involved in a scam or false insurance claims. Each insurer has their own method factoring credit score into your car insurance premium.

Your Claims History Matters

Insurance premiums may increase if you have filed any claims for accidents, break-ins or theft. With more incidents and claims, your premiums will also be higher. In the same manner, traffic violations like speeding also increase the insurance premium. Following traffic regulations will help keep your premiums low. When filing claims, make sure that the insurance company understands that you are not at fault.

Consider Your Car Make and Model

Car insurance premiums depend greatly on the cost of the vehicle you are driving. The more expensive the car, the higher the coverage and the more expensive the premiums. However, besides the expensive brands, there are some models that have lower insurance premiums for other reasons, including build quality and overall car model history. A car model with fewer incidents usually has lower premiums with all things considered. If you want to pay less car insurance premiums, you should research on the premiums for vehicles of the same type or category.

In most states, car insurance is a requisite to car ownership. If your vehicle does not have insurance, you will not be allowed to drive it. Saving on car insurance premiums is possible with a combination of research and safe driving.