Driving Responsibly Means Being Prepared

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Almost everyone can remember the feeling they had whenever they first started driving. As for me, I felt so grownup and accomplished sitting behind that wheel as I rode alongside other drivers on their way to work or to run errands. I loved driving so much that I would offer to take anyone anywhere at any time. It didn’t matter where they wanted to go, I just wanted to be the one to drive them there. When I first started driving, I only thought about all the fun I had from riding around with my friends to being able to go where I wanted, when I wanted. I never gave much thought to the responsibilities that come with driving such as checking tire pressure or even just making sure I had a full tank of gas. Well, my focus on fun and lack of responsibility finally caught up with me when my car broke down on the way home from a party.

My friend and I had just finished laughing at all of the lame guys we had curved when all of a sudden, my check engine light came on and my car shook violently and then cut off. I got out of the vehicle and popped the hood as if I knew what to look for, but all I could see were parts that I knew nothing about. It was already 2 am and I had no idea what to do as tears began to roll down my face. My best friend told me to call a tow truck, but when I pulled out my phone, I saw that the battery had died. Although I had no car charger, luckily for me, my friend’s phone was charged and so she searched for the many towing perth companies and found a towing company that worked 24 hours a day.

As we waited for the tow, I thought about how lucky I was that my bestie had her phone charged, I also thought about how bad that situation could have been otherwise. What if both our phone batteries had died? Or even worse, what if I had been by myself when this happened? Although driving had made me feel super responsible, I realized that I wasn’t behaving very responsibly at all. When it comes to driving, it is not enough to just wear your seatbelt, use your signal, et cetera. Having a vehicle that is in optimal working condition as well as being prepared for emergencies is also a major part of driving responsibly.

When I got home, my dad basically drilled into my head all of the things that I had just learned the hard way. My mother added a few cents by telling me to keep a blanket and a sweater or jacket in the trunk as well as some sneakers in case I ever must walk. The next day, my dad took me to the store and we bought some things to make up an emergency bag so that I will be prepared for almost any situation.