Causes of the Car Engine Jammed and Can’t Be Started


Knowing the cause of a stuck car engine, a stuck car engine and cannot be started, there are several things that cause it.

In essence, if the car engine stalls because the piston movement up and down is restrained which may be caused by:

Piston ring stuck or plug pen stuck

Piston ring jams can be caused by oil not lubricating the piston rings, it may be caused by dry oil or clogged oil passages or low engine oil pressure.

Rough cylindrical wall

Rough cylinder walls cause the piston can not move freely up and down, as an example has happened because the car hit a flood and a lot of water was sucked into the combustion chamber, when the engine was hot suddenly the water sucked by the engine through the air filter filled the hot combustion chamber. and forms a crust on the cylinder wall so that the piston cannot move.

Or another example is the Nissan Xtrail entering the fishing pond, when the engine is submerged in water, the driver forces the engine to start, because the starter does not start. The result is a bent handlebar fuse and the engine can’t even turn.

Bent Screw Handlebar

It is clear that the handlebars are bent, this will make the engine jammed and cannot rotate and one of the causes can be seen in the descriptions one and two above.

The bent handlebar above is caused by the stuck piston being unable to move up and down and the engine keeps starting because it doesn’t want to start.

The engine oil runs out or the engine oil pump is damaged so that the engine oil does not circulate