Best Car Recommendations for Young People

Now, after you have considered the right criteria for a youth car, now is the time for me to give you some personal car recommendations:

1. Toyota Agya: City Car

Who doesn’t know Toyota Agya? This car is very often we encounter on the highway.
Many young people buy the Toyota Agya because it looks simple but sporty, and also affordable.
Even though it is classified as an LCGC, this car is equipped with very complete features. such as Dual SRS Airbags, Audio DIN and electric mirrors.
Pros: Very efficient use of fuel. reach 20 km / liter with an engine capacity of 1000cc.

2. Honda BR-V: SUV

Even though it is known as a family car, the SUV is one of the excellent cars. among young people because it has a dashing and stylish impression
Apart from being liked a lot because of its cool appearance. Honda BR-V also has excellent exterior and interior quality.
Pros: Has an engine capacity of 1,500 and 145 Nm of torque which is the most powerful in its class. very good to drive in various terrain and road conditions.

3. Honda Civic: Sedan Car

For adults, sedans are synonymous with luxury cars. However, for young people, owning a sedan is considered very cool, and of course it’s cool!
There are many choices of sedan cars that are suitable for young people. However, the Honda Civic is a very fitting choice because it has been proven for a long time.
Pros: Has a power of 173 PS. with 220 NM of torque, and can accelerate from 0-100 m in just 7.8 seconds!

4. Toyota Yaris

Since appearing on the market, the Toyota Yaris has become one of the most sought-after cars for young people. especially on the type of hatchback.
Considered the most fuel efficient car. but still has very modern features and a slang appearance typical of young people.
This car also really understands the needs of young people with various entertainment features in it.
Pros: Has a power engine of 104.5 horsepower and a peak torque of 140 Nm. so the new Toyota Yaris offers great power while on the road.

5. Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz has long had a reputation for being a car for young people.
Its sporty appearance, coupled with the many color variants to choose from, makes this car very often seen in places where young people hang out.
You could say the Honda Jazz is the safest car for young people.
Advantages of the Honda Jazz: Has a fairly stubborn engine performance with a power of 120 and torque that can touch 145 Nm, very suitable for young people who like to race vehicles

6. Mini Countryman

Currently, there are many young people who have successful careers and can afford luxury sultan-style vehicles.
Although there are many choices, the car that is most suitable and suitable for young people is the Mini Countryman.
Advantages of the Mini Countryman: Has a machine with 136 HP MINI Twin Power Turbo Engine technology which can have a top speed of up to hundreds of km/hour