82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally: Day One

STURGIS, SD (KELO) — Bikes line the streets in western KELOLAND as the 82nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally kicks off. During the 10-day rally, hundreds of thousands of people will filter through the city.

From parades and live music to thousands of motorcycles riding downtown, today is officially the opening day of the 82nd annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

You’ll find first-time rally-goers like Jon Granberg.

“This is my first rally at Sturgis. I came down here from the Seattle area. Me and my brother-in-law rode about 1,400 miles to get here, spent a couple days on the road. And it is absolutely amazing to be here,” Grandberg said.

And you’ll find veteran rally-goers like Tom Foreid, who has been attending the big event on and off for the last 15 years.

“I just really enjoy the people. I mean I love the motorcycles obviously it’s a lot of fun and the concerts are good. But I like the Midwestern people and I really enjoy that about this town and really the whole area,” Foreid said.

One difference Foreid is noticing this year is the heat.

“This is the warmest I have ever experienced at the rally, the days that I have been here. I haven’t been to the entire rally every year but at least five days and this is warm, yesterday was a hundred degrees,” Foreid said.

By drinking water and staying hydrated, these motorcyclists are managing to enjoy the opening day regardless of the weather.

“I got water, I got sunscreen and shirts on and stuff like that. Riding down was a little bit of an issue but we made it through. You just got to be careful with it,” Granberg said.

Monument Health urges everyone to stay cool during the Sturgis Rally in the hot temperatures. By staying hydrated and sitting in the shade, you can avoid overheating or an even worse situation.